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Greetings in the name of the Supreme Being. We have tried to stay away from the controversy surrounding the legalities or perceived illegalities of confraternities, but there is a time to laugh a time to cry a time to fly and a time to perch. This is the proverbial time to act. It is not always right that silence means consent. There are occasions when it is dignifying to keep mute even when blasphemous innuendos and flagrant false accusations are made against you. However, the time has come for us to enlighten the ignorant and set the records straight.

The Supreme Eiye confraternity is a brotherhood consisting of well educated, responsible and law abiding citizens. We are specially regarded, even by other Confraternities. We have special relationships with most communities where we are located. This has contributed to our continued perception both, as an enigma. as well as the false and adverse assumption that we are responsible for most negative acts on campuses. It has now reached a crescendo where it is impossible for us to maintain the dignified silence that we have kept for decades.

It is not in our character to defend ourselves against subtle attack by the feeble-minded. But we have decided to endeavor, although unwillingly, to cure the ignorant from their disease to certain extent. In order to do this at this stage, we propose to correct their perception of our goals and objectives. In as much as it is impossible for us to wholly reveal our character, we propose to remove the thorn from the eyes of the ignorant. In doing this, we say that contrary to their perception, we are an association of men whose principal objective is to trust, support, assist and rely on one another.

We understand that members of other fraternities had on several occasions carried out reckless and damnable acts against the innocent masquerading themselves as members of Eiye in the knowledge that we never publicly disclaimed accusations or falsehood made against us. It has also come to our knowledge that it is not usual for vagabonds and even secondary school pupils to parade themselves as members of Eiye. These groups of individuals have carried out acts, which are reckless and baseless. It is noteworthy that such acts are not and cannot be associated with Eiye confraternity.

We nevertheless state that their activities can not be divorced from the moral degeneration in our society and it therefore a reflection of the entire society. The society should now look upon itself and decide what it requires from it youths. The youths learn by examples and corrupt parents will bear corrupt children. It is important to note that not all those who now criticise the vagabonds, which we condemn, can wholly raise their fingers and come out to tell us that they have not participated in the denigration of our great country. They looted the country in all phases and killed innocent citizens who threaten the continuation of the vicious circle. It is this group of people that have produced the vagabonds.

The most important problem that has to be resolved is a straightforward legal one. How can the problem of violent confrontations on our campuses be addressed? This lies in the hands of the law enforcement agencies. A professional/well equipped corruption-free police force will not have a problem identifying and neutralising unsuitable elements within our student communities. The only reason why this has not happened is because of the irrational blanket ban imposed on confraternities on campuses. This very unintelligent act, led to the problem of not knowing whom to hold responsible for what. The lack of foresight, gross indiscipline and reckless use of power, taken by force or fraudulent means are some of the reasons for this fiasco.

Once upon a time when all confraternities were permitted to register on campuses, this sort of present day acts of barbarism were never committed. Since being driven underground all vagabonds have been out to have a picnic. Over the passage of time the stereotypical name \"campus cult\" became more popular than confraternity, which is what this organisations were conceived as. This is rather unfortunate as we have provided some of the best and most accomplished minds in Nigeria.

Another negative impression that has to be corrected, is the assumption that \"all confraternities are supported by political, or military elements for their own means.\" This is simply a fabrication of the highest order. The Supreme Eiye confraternity is a non-political organisation, and will not in any event assume a political motive.

We propose to do our best to make Nigeria a just country. We propose that we reintroduce and rediscover law and order in Nigeria. We propose that we allow the police and the judiciary to investigate and adjudge over the culprits who are found responsible for the dastardly act committed on our campuses in recent years. We oppose any form of witch hunting and indiscriminate rustication of students. Many a time, students are rusticated on the basis of unsubstantiated wicked and false allegations. In most cases, the culprits are left untouched to continue with their acts while the innocents are punished by way of rustication or expulsion.We therefore call for the police to investigate relevant cases and for the judiciary to decide how to punish the guilty within the realm of the law of the country.

It is hereby decided by the Supreme and universal Eiye confraternity to suspend forthwith all activities on Nigerian campuses until further notice. Any individual or group of individuals parading themselves as Eiyes on campuses as from this day, 9/8/99 are impostors and should be dealt with as such. A word is enough for the wise. We have left your world and now choose to live in your minds, where even you, can't get at us. .......ata

The only creatures of the sky.

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